Pantone’s Colourful History.

Pantone’s Past “Colour of the Year”

Pantones colour of the year is there reflection of what they predict will be trending in art, fashion, design and so forth. It is Pantone’s was to convey the atmosphere or tone they are looking to set in the upcoming year. It is an expression of the year through a strategically selected colour.

Here is a look back through Pantone’s selections from the 2000’s to Current year. Any Predictions for 2018? Keep an eye out for our post on what we think of 2018’s colour of the year!

2000 – Cerulean 15-4020

Copy of K1106-38_Cozy_Conversation__H_

2001 – Fuchsia Rose 17-2031



2002-True Red 19-1664

Copy of W21-86-W11-84-049-00-37-021-027


2003-Aqua Sky 14-4811

2010 - terqouise

2004- Tiger Lily 17-1456

2011 - tangerine option 2


2005 –Blue Turquoise 15-5217


2006 –Sand Dollar 13-1106

Copy of B8967_469RS_OCC_0

2007 Chili Pepper 19-1557

Chili Pepper


2008 Blue Iris 18-3943

blue iris


2009 Mimosa 14-0848



2010 Turqouise 15-5519


2011 Honeysuckle 18-2120

2011 - honey Suckle

2012 Tangerine Tango 17-1463

2011 - tangerine


2013 Emerald 17-5641

2013 - emerald


2014 Radiant Orchid 18-3224

2014 - radient orchid


2015 Marsala 18-1438



2016 Rose Quartz 13-1520, Serenity 15-3919


rose quaetz


2017 Greenery 15-0343

2017- greenary.jpg

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Monochromatic Colour Scheme

A monochromatic colour scheme is using different pigments of one colour throughout a space, it is a great way to create a calming space, with a muted delicate look. When done correctly you can still achieve a contrasting look with vibrant focal points while using one colour.


Monochromatic colour scheme photo - blue -greybedroom - grey15a413526b73582b5b4fd032a25f48f6Monochromatic colour scheme photo - beige

When doing a monochromatic room, you can add a bit more excitement by adding multiple patterns and textures. This allows you to create a wow factor or focal point without adding in additional colours.

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Complementary Colour Scheme

Complementary colours are colours located directly across from one another on the Colour Spectrum. A complementary colour Scheme is one of vibrancy and high contrast. It takes well proportioned hues and balance to create a pleasing look.

Here are some looks at designs created using the 3 different complementary colour schemes.

Blue & Orange

Living room - blue_orange 2

Bedroom - blue_orange 2

Bedroom - blue_orange


Red & Green


Kitchen - Red and Green

Living room - Red and Green

Yellow & Purple

Living room - purple-yellow

living room - yellow and purple

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Marble – Look a Like

Marble is a timeless look favored by most. The unique quality of the natural stone is a desired look, although it is proven to be beautiful it is not the most practical product.

This natural stone is extremely porous, because of this it easily stains and can absorb both liquid and bacteria. Marble is also one of the softer natural stones, it is easily chipped or cracked if you are not careful with it. Marble, while beautiful is something you want to avoid in high traffic areas of the home; such as bathrooms and kitchens.

What could be used Instead?

Marble - look alike - Kitchen 1


Quartz –

Quartz is a fabricated material, however it is made using natural quartz along with resins and filler. This allows the material to be much more durable, not only is it less porous with a much lower absorption rate but it is also resistant to scratching and does not need to be sealed. Quartz has a very good selection for marble looking material. Since it is a man made it there is less variation.

quartz kitchen

Marble - look alike - Bathroom 1



Granite is also a natural stone, and like marble it has a lot more variation in colour and pattern from slab to slab. However Granite is more durable and much stronger,  like marble it is also porous being a natural material, so it can absorb liquids and bacteria if not seal properly.  The appearance of Granite will not be as identical to marble as you would see with Quartz but it is a great and long lasting option for your kitchen and bathrooms. 

Marble - look alike - Kitchen 2

granite Kitchen

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Warming up your Space

With the seasons beginning to change and the cold weather slowly creeping up upon us, achieving a warm and cozy space to reside is essential. There are small things that can be interchanged with the seasons as well as signature pieces that can be chosen to keep a warm feel year round.

Copy of 4113-03_Setai__H_

Warm colours in your accent pieces is an easy way to change the look and feel of the room throughout the year. Adding  in soft tones and textures also helps a space feel warmer and more inviting.


Choosing wood furniture pieces allows you to have warmth within the space year round. A rich tone of wood not only provides visual warmth but is warm to the touch as well.

Copy of EuropeanLegacy Living Room

Warm lighting can set the tone for the room, the warm glow gives off a cozy and intimate feel. 

warm light

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8 Decorating Ideas for a Blank Wall

Is there  is a blank wall in your home that you would like to highlight as a focal point? Here are a few ideas to consider…

Paint the wall a dramatic colour or pattern.


Hang a bold piece of art on the wall so that it takes center stage in the room.


Create a gallery wall of your favourite photos and momentos.


Faux finish a wall creating texture and depth with paint.


Use display shelves to showcase your treasures.


Wallpaper is back and the options are endless.  Create texture with grasscloth, or go for a bold graphic print or a tone-on-tone softer feel.


Consider hanging a collection of plates, or an array of your favourite things on a wall to create interest.


Give your wall a new look by installing a wallpaper mural or a hand painted mural.


Most importantly, make sure you love whatever you decide to put on the wall.


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Keeping Cool with Window Treatments

Nancy Lucas - Decorating Den Interiors

Summer weather is here and the sunny hot days are seeping into our homes.  Air conditioners are chugging along trying to keep us cool.  Considering the costs of the next fuel bill, there is an old fashioned way to help to conserve energy.   Window Treatments!  

As our mothers did before us, keeping the window treatments closed during the hottest, sunniest parts of the day can provide excellent insulation from summer heat.  It can save you money and  save energy for the planet.


Another reason to close your drapery, blinds, etc. is to protect your furniture, carpet and wood floors from fading. Even a sheer fabric over your window can offer some protection from the damages that the sun can make.


Closing your window treatments will also shield you and your belongings from inquisitive people walking by.  Whether you are at work during the day or sitting at home at night, privacy is always important.


Choosing the best window treatments for each of your rooms is a task that requires careful thought and planning.  Not only are window treatments a beautiful addition to your home, they are a sound investment as well.

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