Switch things up this season using accent pillows!

Accent pillows are an easy and affordable way to switch up your space from season to season.


The patterns and colours you chose can transform the look of your room. Using colours or textures associated with a season allows you to change up the feel of your home with each season that passes.

pops of red

Pops of red for the hot weather, or to remind you of your favourite holiday.  


Floral pillows for when the flowers start to bloom

winter pillows

Some cool tone blues for those winter days

springy pillows

Pops of bright, fun colours for the summer season.

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Cheers to 20 Years

Celebrating 20 years of Success

This month we at CPI Interiors have reached a milestone in out business. Surrounded by friends, family, colleagues and our wonderful clients we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.



While celebrating our great success, we took some time to reminisce on our past years in business…

The Original CPI Team

The original CPI Team

We are so fortunate to have a growing team with a few of our “original” members still with us. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many designers and mentoring multiple assistants and students.

Times have definitely changed over the years, and so has popular design styles.

A glimpse at one of our first trade shows back in 2001

one of our first home shows

And some of lovely decorators at a more recent trade show.

decor day


We are so fortunate to have been recognized for many prestige awards over the years

awards 3awards 4awards 2awards 1

Any multiple publications



We are so thankful for everyone who has contributed to our successful journey over these past 20 years, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for CPI Interiors.



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Patio Season!

Patio Season is among us!

With the warm whether finally making its way to Ottawa, we are going to be spending more time outside enjoying the beautiful days while we can.



Not only will you want to make the most of your days in the sun, but you’ll want to make the most of your outdoor space. Having a functional and comfortable outdoor design will ensure that you get the most out of your summer days and your space.




Whether you chose to spend your days by the pool or the porch choosing outdoor pieces is just as importing as choosing furniture indoors!







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A touch of Nature

Spring has begun!

Cover photo for spring post

Aside from the warm weather being on its way, one of the best parts about spring is all of the beautiful floras and greenery coming back to life!  What better way to add a touch of spring to your home then using them to accent your space.


Plants and fresh flowers can be used to add colour to neutral spaces

bathroom shot - tree accent

bathroom shot - tree and floral



Using flowers as a centerpiece also adds an elegant look to your space




When it comes to more closed off or darker spaces, plants can add a breath of fresh air and soften the look of the space!


office with plant

dark bedroom,

dark dining room


If you’re looking for some more expertise in decorating your home and how to work in plants and flowers we at CPI Interiors are here to help!



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Area Rugs!

Why Choose an Area Rug?

   Area Rugs are the perfect way to finish off your design, whether they’re being used in open concept spaces or closed off rooms, an area rug has multiple benefits to you and your space.



Having an area rug helps to define your space, this is especially useful in open concept layouts. If you’ve got a large open space with many of your rooms leading in to the other, an area rug allows you to ground and give a visual  separation to each of the spaces.



Using an area rug in smaller areas can also help create flow through the room.


Choosing an area rug can also give warmth and comfort to you space. While hardwood and tile flooring look beautiful it can often be quite cold on your feet and selecting an area rug with soft textures is a perfect solution.

If your struggling with the right, size, style, and placement of your area we are here to help. With a wide selection of area rugs we are sure to find your perfect fit!

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Dream Room 2018


CPI Interiors Dream Room 2018

Dream Room Photo - Peoples Choice Awards


Peoples Choice award is here!!

If you love flipping through design magazines, then this is something you’re really going to enjoy! You can participate in the online voting of the International Dream Room Competition. With over 25,000 votes from across the globe in past years,  we are looking for your votes to help determine this years winners.


Main Shot 8 x 12 - Ring


Dream Room Photo - Vote CPI


Each of the rooms below is a project taken on by CPI Interiors, with local clients and attainable budgets!!


VOTE CODE: 0805 – Kitchen


VOTE CODE: 0907 – Living Room



VOTE CODE: 0806 – Kitchen


VOTE CODE: 0807 – Kitchen


Dream Room Photo - thank you for voting



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Artwork Inspiration

How the use of artwork inspires, helps create and execute a design.

Dining room - colour scheme pulled from artwork


Artwork is often used as a jumping off point when creating a new design. Starting with a piece of art allows you to draw colours, patterns and/ or textures to create an interesting and cohesive look.

Accent Pillows pulled from artwork

Art can be used to select colours for your accessories. Using small pops of colour pulled from your artwork allows the art to remain the focal point while still being fluid with the rest of the design.


It can also inspire the overall colour scheme. Choosing artwork with a clear colour scheme gives you the ability to draw the same colours and tones into the space, giving the design one consistent scheme.


 Mimicking the lines and shapes found in artwork can help inspire your furnishing selections. Using similar curves to what is seen in the artwork gives the design a pleasing appeal.



If you have a piece of art you love and are looking to create a design around it, let us at CPI Interiors help you!




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