Warming up your Space

With the seasons beginning to change and the cold weather slowly creeping up upon us, achieving a warm and cozy space to reside is essential. There are small things that can be interchanged with the seasons as well as signature pieces that can be chosen to keep a warm feel year round.

Copy of 4113-03_Setai__H_

Warm colours in your accent pieces is an easy way to change the look and feel of the room throughout the year. Adding  in soft tones and textures also helps a space feel warmer and more inviting.


Choosing wood furniture pieces allows you to have warmth within the space year round. A rich tone of wood not only provides visual warmth but is warm to the touch as well.

Copy of EuropeanLegacy Living Room

Warm lighting can set the tone for the room, the warm glow gives off a cozy and intimate feel. 

warm light

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8 Decorating Ideas for a Blank Wall

Is there  is a blank wall in your home that you would like to highlight as a focal point? Here are a few ideas to consider…

Paint the wall a dramatic colour or pattern.


Hang a bold piece of art on the wall so that it takes center stage in the room.


Create a gallery wall of your favourite photos and momentos.


Faux finish a wall creating texture and depth with paint.


Use display shelves to showcase your treasures.


Wallpaper is back and the options are endless.  Create texture with grasscloth, or go for a bold graphic print or a tone-on-tone softer feel.


Consider hanging a collection of plates, or an array of your favourite things on a wall to create interest.


Give your wall a new look by installing a wallpaper mural or a hand painted mural.


Most importantly, make sure you love whatever you decide to put on the wall.


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Keeping Cool with Window Treatments

Nancy Lucas - Decorating Den Interiors

Summer weather is here and the sunny hot days are seeping into our homes.  Air conditioners are chugging along trying to keep us cool.  Considering the costs of the next fuel bill, there is an old fashioned way to help to conserve energy.   Window Treatments!  

As our mothers did before us, keeping the window treatments closed during the hottest, sunniest parts of the day can provide excellent insulation from summer heat.  It can save you money and  save energy for the planet.


Another reason to close your drapery, blinds, etc. is to protect your furniture, carpet and wood floors from fading. Even a sheer fabric over your window can offer some protection from the damages that the sun can make.


Closing your window treatments will also shield you and your belongings from inquisitive people walking by.  Whether you are at work during the day or sitting at home at night, privacy is always important.


Choosing the best window treatments for each of your rooms is a task that requires careful thought and planning.  Not only are window treatments a beautiful addition to your home, they are a sound investment as well.

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Nifty Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen organization and storage has come a long way. The interesting options available to help you stay organized are wide and varied.  Function goes a long way to making your time in the kitchen enjoyable.  Here are a few examples…

There is no reason for food to get lost in the back of your pantry with the options available now.    The first kitchen pantry shows roll out drawers inside the doors as well as tray dividers on top and the second pantry is a pull-out pantry where the whole pantry comes out and is open on both sides.

When designing a kitchen space, much consideration is taken to use every available space. The extra inches in these upper cabinets above offer great storage.  The first filler space has a k-cup insert and the second photo is spice storage.

How convenient would it be to have a removable storage unit that holds all your cleaning supplies?  Just pick it up and take it around the house for all your cleaning areas.  The great design of this unit makes it very functional and it also has a tray that collects any spills.

So much space is lost in a corner cabinet.  Lazy susan units are well known but now there is a swivel/drawer unit available that is even more convenient.  Pull out the drawer to access the most often used products and then swivel to access the sides of the unit.  Sometimes there is not a full corner available but just one side that would be wasted if not for units that pull out to access and then tuck into the corner when not required.

Using every available space in the kitchen will go a long way to making the most important room in your house a dream to work in.


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Organization at its finest!

Being organized is an ongoing struggle.  Where does the bills go when you get home that nothing gets lost or forgotten? Where should your prettiest items be displayed? What should you do with the endless paperwork that requires being kept for years? The task of finding storage for all your “stuff” is a daunting task!

Storage comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Closet systems for the bedroom, front entrance, garage and basement are a must and the more they can be customized for your needs the better that they will serve you for years to come.

There are also the types of storage that are furniture pieces….attractive and convenient and purposeful. Here are some ideas that will simplify your storage issues…

Blog Storage 1



This open bookcase has so many uses.  It can be used as a room divider between a living room and dining room to display beautiful dishes, vases and also books and favourite photos.  It can also flank a fireplace or TV unit to create a feature wall.






Blog Storage 2




A little bit of file storage goes a long way to staying organized.  A place to file taxes, appliance warranties, children’s artwork or important financial papers.  This cabinet looks so pretty but is so functional. it has two full drawers of hanging file storage.




Below is another idea for file/office storage that sits beside your favourite chair and looks like an end table.  Pieces that are multi functional as well as beautiful should have a place in every home.


This social cabinet is a great example of functional storage in a pretty package.  It is an interesting looking cabinet when closed and so well designed. It provides a bar when it is open with space for glasses and bottle storage and drawers for napkins and openers, etc. There is also a serving area to prepare the cocktails.


Blog Storage 6


Having a large dining table that expands usually involves a number of extra leaves to store somewhere, usually in a closet or under a bed taking up valuable space.  This table has a very unique way to store its expanding pieces.  Have a look at the table photos below.





So when you think that you cannot fit one more thing into your closets or cupboards, consider the many other options available to create more storage space.


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Bringing spring inside

After April showers come May flowers and we are anxiously waiting for them to arrive. In the meantime, bring spring inside to brighten up your home.

Here are a few ideas that are simple and can be easily changed after the season…

Pillows with spring motifs are a simple way to instantly make a statement that winter is gone and a new season has begun.

spring pillow    pillow 1


Another idea is to change some of the artwork in your rooms to depict the bright warm colours of spring. Imagine the following examples of spring artwork on a kitchen wall brightening your day.


Spring Art


Accessories, botanicals  and area rugs provide more ways to make a stronger statement that spring has arrived when combined with pillows and artwork.


Spring rug

Bringing in beautiful spring colours, patterns and florals to your home can encourage the season to begin….or at least keep us happy until everything starts to bloom.


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Kitchens & Bathrooms 2016 Trends

The Toronto Design Show 2016 also unveiled the 2016 design trends for kitchens and bathrooms and below are some of the highlights.

White kitchen cabinets have been in vogue for a while and will continue into 2016.  Along with white cabinets, grey and black cabinets are becoming popular or a combination of these cabinet colours in the same kitchen.


The trend of lighter wood tones in furniture design has also moved into the kitchen.


Marble and marble look quartz is also on the rise.  The care required for marble in contrast to quartz is a major consideration when deciding which is better for your space.

The mixing of different materials and metals in the same room will also be seen more in 2016.

Decorating Den Interior Design

Along with smart appliances and designated spots in a kitchen for smart devices, functional design and custom storage is becoming even more important to the homeowner.

West Orange Residence

Textures and patterns in tile have become more graphic.  Hexagon tiles, textured tiles and cement tiles were showcased at the show.  Subway tiles will continue to be classic but a new take on an old favourite is a textured subway tile.

Lastly, a few more trends that are being highlighted for 2016 are open shelving, pull out shelves, over sized statement lighting and satin finish brass metal finishes.

There is much to consider when renovating kitchens and bathrooms.  I would love to work with you to create a customized functional space that you will love for many years to come.


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