Over the next few blog postings I want to talk about the luxurious bathroom. Each posting will cover each component of this wonderful space.
Not simply a utilitarian space, your bathroom is your private place to relax and unfetter your senses. Appealing to that sensation of the spa and introducing it into our everyday lives, is becoming a reality when building our dream homes or renovating to allow the home bath experience to be one of our creature delights.

Water. The quiet simplicity of water, we love it. We go to places where the changing forms of it inspire us. From the rain shower, to the steam bath, the turbulent waters of the whirlpool and the crashing surf of the sea. Take all of these and transform them into the home spa. Luxuriate in the warmth, tantalize our senses and relieve our stresses. Capturing the feeling and the art of water in motion will achieve all of this.

The variety of inspiring luxurious products designed to compliment each other will astound. Remember the day when having a bidet was representative of a beautiful bath. And should you have a shower separate from the bathtub, well that was everything. Not so today. The options, styles and variety is, while enticing can be very confusing. We will review some of the items and upgrades to introduce into your bath with some explanation as to some of the differences. Let your senses soar. Use your imagination and create the bath of your dreams.

Let’s start with that bidet. Let us start from the early beginnings of the luxurious bath. Think of a bidet as a miniature bath, at a comfortable sitting height, that provides partial bathing and soft sprays to soothe our human conditions. The style compliments the toilet that is installed next to it. Sleek, contemporary to traditional and elegant. Convenient, clean and simple using a bidet for both men and women offer hygienic fresh water sprays that provide comforts beyond tissue. The picture I show here of the bidet is from Kohler’s website,

Next time I will talk about the toilet.

About Catherine Pulcine

I founded CPI Interiors in 1998. I have over 29 years of extensive experience in residential interior design and decorating. Having worked with over 6,000 clients in the Ottawa area since 1998. Previously having work for an exclusive home interiors retailer to the Ottawa's foremost home builder, I has established a professional wealth of knowledge that I have built on by hiring professionals to work with me. This translates into a superior ability to offer a complete package of design & decorating services for any client's needs. I am a member of the Decorators and Designers Association of Canada, a member of the Capital Business Association and a Member of the West Ottawa Board of Trade. I am a past member of the Board of Directors of The Better Business Bureau of Ottawa. I am also past president of Kanata Chapter of BNI.
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