Organization at its finest!

Being organized is an ongoing struggle.  Where does the bills go when you get home that nothing gets lost or forgotten? Where should your prettiest items be displayed? What should you do with the endless paperwork that requires being kept for years? The task of finding storage for all your “stuff” is a daunting task!

Storage comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Closet systems for the bedroom, front entrance, garage and basement are a must and the more they can be customized for your needs the better that they will serve you for years to come.

There are also the types of storage that are furniture pieces….attractive and convenient and purposeful. Here are some ideas that will simplify your storage issues…

Blog Storage 1



This open bookcase has so many uses.  It can be used as a room divider between a living room and dining room to display beautiful dishes, vases and also books and favourite photos.  It can also flank a fireplace or TV unit to create a feature wall.






Blog Storage 2




A little bit of file storage goes a long way to staying organized.  A place to file taxes, appliance warranties, children’s artwork or important financial papers.  This cabinet looks so pretty but is so functional. it has two full drawers of hanging file storage.




Below is another idea for file/office storage that sits beside your favourite chair and looks like an end table.  Pieces that are multi functional as well as beautiful should have a place in every home.


This social cabinet is a great example of functional storage in a pretty package.  It is an interesting looking cabinet when closed and so well designed. It provides a bar when it is open with space for glasses and bottle storage and drawers for napkins and openers, etc. There is also a serving area to prepare the cocktails.


Blog Storage 6


Having a large dining table that expands usually involves a number of extra leaves to store somewhere, usually in a closet or under a bed taking up valuable space.  This table has a very unique way to store its expanding pieces.  Have a look at the table photos below.





So when you think that you cannot fit one more thing into your closets or cupboards, consider the many other options available to create more storage space.


About Catherine Pulcine

I founded CPI Interiors in 1998. I have over 29 years of extensive experience in residential interior design and decorating. Having worked with over 6,000 clients in the Ottawa area since 1998. Previously having work for an exclusive home interiors retailer to the Ottawa's foremost home builder, I has established a professional wealth of knowledge that I have built on by hiring professionals to work with me. This translates into a superior ability to offer a complete package of design & decorating services for any client's needs. I am a member of the Decorators and Designers Association of Canada, a member of the Capital Business Association and a Member of the West Ottawa Board of Trade. I am a past member of the Board of Directors of The Better Business Bureau of Ottawa. I am also past president of Kanata Chapter of BNI.
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