Nifty Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen organization and storage has come a long way. The interesting options available to help you stay organized are wide and varied.  Function goes a long way to making your time in the kitchen enjoyable.  Here are a few examples…

There is no reason for food to get lost in the back of your pantry with the options available now.    The first kitchen pantry shows roll out drawers inside the doors as well as tray dividers on top and the second pantry is a pull-out pantry where the whole pantry comes out and is open on both sides.

When designing a kitchen space, much consideration is taken to use every available space. The extra inches in these upper cabinets above offer great storage.  The first filler space has a k-cup insert and the second photo is spice storage.

How convenient would it be to have a removable storage unit that holds all your cleaning supplies?  Just pick it up and take it around the house for all your cleaning areas.  The great design of this unit makes it very functional and it also has a tray that collects any spills.

So much space is lost in a corner cabinet.  Lazy susan units are well known but now there is a swivel/drawer unit available that is even more convenient.  Pull out the drawer to access the most often used products and then swivel to access the sides of the unit.  Sometimes there is not a full corner available but just one side that would be wasted if not for units that pull out to access and then tuck into the corner when not required.

Using every available space in the kitchen will go a long way to making the most important room in your house a dream to work in.


About Catherine Pulcine

I founded CPI Interiors in 1998. I have over 29 years of extensive experience in residential interior design and decorating. Having worked with over 6,000 clients in the Ottawa area since 1998. Previously having work for an exclusive home interiors retailer to the Ottawa's foremost home builder, I has established a professional wealth of knowledge that I have built on by hiring professionals to work with me. This translates into a superior ability to offer a complete package of design & decorating services for any client's needs. I am a member of the Decorators and Designers Association of Canada, a member of the Capital Business Association and a Member of the West Ottawa Board of Trade. I am a past member of the Board of Directors of The Better Business Bureau of Ottawa. I am also past president of Kanata Chapter of BNI.
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