Marble – Look a Like

Marble is a timeless look favored by most. The unique quality of the natural stone is a desired look, although it is proven to be beautiful it is not the most practical product.

This natural stone is extremely porous, because of this it easily stains and can absorb both liquid and bacteria. Marble is also one of the softer natural stones, it is easily chipped or cracked if you are not careful with it. Marble, while beautiful is something you want to avoid in high traffic areas of the home; such as bathrooms and kitchens.

What could be used Instead?

Marble - look alike - Kitchen 1


Quartz –

Quartz is a fabricated material, however it is made using natural quartz along with resins and filler. This allows the material to be much more durable, not only is it less porous with a much lower absorption rate but it is also resistant to scratching and does not need to be sealed. Quartz has a very good selection for marble looking material. Since it is a man made it there is less variation.

quartz kitchen

Marble - look alike - Bathroom 1



Granite is also a natural stone, and like marble it has a lot more variation in colour and pattern from slab to slab. However Granite is more durable and much stronger,  like marble it is also porous being a natural material, so it can absorb liquids and bacteria if not seal properly.  The appearance of Granite will not be as identical to marble as you would see with Quartz but it is a great and long lasting option for your kitchen and bathrooms. 

Marble - look alike - Kitchen 2

granite Kitchen

About Catherine Pulcine

I founded CPI Interiors in 1998. I have over 29 years of extensive experience in residential interior design and decorating. Having worked with over 6,000 clients in the Ottawa area since 1998. Previously having work for an exclusive home interiors retailer to the Ottawa's foremost home builder, I has established a professional wealth of knowledge that I have built on by hiring professionals to work with me. This translates into a superior ability to offer a complete package of design & decorating services for any client's needs. I am a member of the Decorators and Designers Association of Canada, a member of the Capital Business Association and a Member of the West Ottawa Board of Trade. I am a past member of the Board of Directors of The Better Business Bureau of Ottawa. I am also past president of Kanata Chapter of BNI.
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