Let’s talk about wood furniture…

When you are looking for new wood furniture, there are many things to consider…        The type of wood, the finish and your colour preference will need to be decided upon.  What size does the furniture piece need to be to fit into your room and how will it be used will narrow down the choices available.

Hard wood such as maple, oak, ash and walnut will be much more durable than soft wood like pine.  Depending on what the furniture piece is used for and the look you want to have, this will be a huge consideration.



The next type of wood furniture is veneer.  This is a thin layer of hardwood that is bonded to another piece of wood underneath.  Many veneer pieces can be beautiful and high end.  Marquetry and wood inlay is considered veneer but the quality of the woods used along with the intricate designs make for an exquisite treasured heirloom.

inlay      inlay1

Also, veneer can be more cost effective than solid wood it is bonded to a lesser priced wood and/or particle board underneath.

7421 Table

Laminate is usually made with synthetic materials and is the least expensive.  It is very durable and easy to clean.  Great for children’s rooms or any area that needs hard wearing surfaces.



Consider looking inside and under and behind when checking for well constructed furniture.

Check a drawer for dovetail joints on all corners of the drawer.  In quality pieces, the finish should be smooth on the inside and outside of the drawers.

Also, quality wood furniture should have corner blocking that includes double dowels that have been screwed and glued into place.


Choose the quality of furniture that is perfect for your needs and your budget.  Consider that this furniture purchase will be an investment and the better the quality, the longer it will last.

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Decorating with Wall Art

There are many ways to use wall art to make a statement in a room.  It can be the focal point of the space or blend in beautifully with everything else in the room.

The most important reason to have art in your home is that you love it!  It should make you happy, or calm, intrigued or take you to that vacation spot you always dreamed of or just came back from…years ago.

Deciding what art should go where depends on the impression you are trying to make.

If you want the art to stand on its own and create the focal point in the room, make it be the first thing you see when you walk into the room or in a place so prominent that you can’t help but look at it.


Another way to showcase your art is to keep the rest of the room fairly neutral.  By using the art colours in small amounts throughout the room, the result is a balanced cohesive look.

Nancy Lucas Decorating Den

Keep in mind the style of your home when choosing artwork.  The stonework and natural materials used in the room below are enhanced by the nature painting above the fireplace.



The dining room below is another great example of the artwork working with the style of the room.



Sculpture and texture in wall art adds dimension to your space. The bedroom below shows how the shapes and textures of the art coordinate with each other and with the other furniture pieces in the room.  The tones of silver and the graphic patterns play off of each other.


Creating a gallery wall is a powerful way to create an impact with art.  The art below works so well together because there is a common thread throughout all the pieces.  The art colours are repeated in the many pillows  on the sectional creating an even bigger statement.


There are endless ways to incorporate art into your home.  The options are almost limitless.  The most important thing to remember is that when you walk into your home at the end of a long day, it makes you happy!


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Holiday Touches for your Home!

It is that time of year again!  Christmas is just around the corner and your home requires its holiday touches to create a festive flair.


Decide on a colour theme for the holidays and repeat it throughout your home.  Here are a few ideas…

  •  Change candles to ones featuring your favourite holiday colours.
  •  Add a holiday bow to your lampshades and planters.
  • Tie a bow around 3 old books and display them on your coffee table.
  • Wrap your toss pillows with ribbons to look like beautiful presents.
  • Replace your table cloth with a festive one in your colours for the season.


Create a beautiful centrepiece for your table by arranging varying height crystal candleholders on a mirror with small crystal votive candles.  The reflection of the candlelight in the mirror will cast a warm glow on your table.  For a more rustic look, fill a wooden bowl with handmade ornaments and evergreen branches.

There are now available strings of mini lights attached to a battery pack that can be placed throughout a centrepiece or wrapped around an artificial tree or simply placed in a glass vase with some ornaments.

These special touches will add to the festive season and help make this year the best ever!

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What a difference an area rug makes!

There are so many reasons why an area rug is a necessary part of decorating your home.  As there are so many to chose from, it is important to consider which will work best for your space.


Area rugs are a great addition to any room and can add visual interest and create a focal point while also showcasing your tastes and sense of style.  It can be a design and colour that your eye is drawn to or it can blend in with everything else in the room. Area rugs can be the one thing that you purchase that can immediately update your current furniture or provide the jump off point for a whole new room design.


Using more than one area rug in an open concept space can define separate areas. Further define the zones by placing different rugs in the large space.  Just remember to maintain harmony by using similar tones and styles.

Another benefit of using area rugs is that they help absorb sound.  This is important in a large space where sound can bounce against hard surfaces.


When placing an area rug in a dining room, ensure the size allows for the chairs to stay on the rug.   A rough guideline is that the rug should be approximately 24″ larger than the size of your table so that when you pull out the chairs, they stay on the rug.


Using an area rug in a bedroom is a wonderful way to make the space warm and cozy.  Place the rug so that when you step off the bed, your feet are on the rug.  This can be achieve with one large area rug or two smaller ones on each side of the bed.

Rugs are  a wonderful way of dressing up your home creating interest and adding texture. They come in many shapes, styles, colours and styles.  To create a wow factor, consider a stunning new area rug.

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Organized Closets can happen…really!

There are so many closets in a home and so little time to keep them nice and neat.  Just when one mess gets cleaned up, the next closet needs organizing.

Closet Photo 2

Having a place to put everything is the most important and effective way to stay organized. Create separate zones in the master closet so that each of you has ample room for all your hanging clothes, shoes and folded items.

Closet Photo 1

More space can be made available by using double rods, drawers, adjustable shelves and corners.  Use upper shelves for seasonal items and slide out racks for ties, scarves and belts.  Ensure the system you purchase can adjust and evolve as your needs change.

Child room closet photo

Children’s rooms can be kept organized  with open shelves, baskets and drawers to hold both clothes and toys.

Walk in Closet Photo               Closet Photo 5

A reach-in closet can become much more functional by designing it to keep all your essential within view.  Customize the space to hold the items with no wasted space.

Decorating Den Interiors can provide you with a solution to your closet issues.  Let us help you create a personalized space that will be tailored to your needs.  We will measure your closet, design the space within your budget and arrange for a professional installer to do the installation for you.  It is just that easy!

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Furniture Accents

Creating interest in a space can be done in many ways.  In the past, having a piece of furniture that didn’t match with the other pieces was placed off to the side. Now, an unusual furniture item becomes the star to showcase an area of your home.

The days of all your furniture matching  are gone and are now considered rather safe.  To accomplish a change in your decor without starting over, consider adding accent furniture with intriguing designs.

Here are a few ideas on how this update can be achieved.



If you have matching wooden tables in your living room, remove one and replace with a glass and iron table.  Add an ottoman in a dramatic fabric. Replace a table lamp from a pair of matching ones with a floor lamp.  Recover  an upholstered chair with a fabric that is a different pattern than the rest of the upholstered furniture.


Add a painted chest to your matching bedroom furniture and change your headboard to an iron frame or a sumptuously padded one.  Add a bench to the end of bed.  Replace the dresser mirror with a different, decorative style.


Replace two end chairs in your dining room with fully upholstered ones that are a different colour and style than the side chairs.


With the many choices today of unique accent pieces, you can add elements of interest throughout your home and create a space that is uniquely yours.

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A Living Room Decorated in your Personal Style!

Do you want to decorate your living room to make it a place where you and your friends and family want to be?  There are unlimited choices and colours and styles and etc., etc. Where do you start?

First of all, consider what you want to do in the living room. Will it be a quiet place for reading?  Will you entertain there?  Could it be a place to nap?  Do you need storage? Is a television going to be in your living room.  Consider the function of the space and who will be using it before planning a new layout.


Inspire yourself! It could be a photo of a room, a piece of art, a colour palette or a fabric pattern.  This will give you the inspiration to begin.  See what new pieces you need and what things you can keep to achieve your vision.


Create focal points that add interest to the space.  Visual interest can be reached with a piece of art, an architectural detail, a fireplace or a pattern.  Create a perfect balance of scale, height, colour, lighting, shapes and proportion.


Ensure that the room has space….to walk around, to give your eyes a place to rest, to feel comfortable. Cluttered spaces are hard to live in, both visually and physically.  A good traffic flow into other spaces and inside the room is important.

Make the space personal, this is your home and it should be full of memories and fun moments.  Photos and accessories such as artwork, favourite books, travel souvenirs and collection items  make your space a warm, comfortable and inviting place.


And when you are all finished, sit back, relax and enjoy! Oh and maybe invite some friends and family over to have a look.

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